Here's How Stemcounter Works


Stop Losing Potential Clients

Many florists have lost potential clients because they simply couldn't create proposals quick enough. Millennials and corporate clients want microwave communication that is done in an instant. Floral design can't work that way...but what about creating proposals? Now Stemcounter florists can create proposals right in the initial consultation so potential clients can leave with a proposal in hand. This makes them so happy that they respond to the proposal quickly, which makes our florists happy too. One shop reported increasing their on-the-spot bookings by 400% just by having a proposal done when the client leaves.


Spend Time on What You Love

Gone are the days where you need to stay up past midnight working on deciphering chicken scratch notes to create proposals and triple counting stems to put in your wholesaler orders. Now you can have your wholesaler order ready with a click of a button! One of our floral friends from Arizona said, "My wholesaler orders used to take 4 hours. Now they're done in minutes."


Stop Losing Profit On Events

With Stemcounter, your proposals are so accurate that you won't be overordering (unless you want to intentionally create a cushion). You'll know how many extra flowers are in your order so you can develop a plan to make a profit on each of them. Plus, you can retain your profit margin by costing out your recipes correctly and having recipe sheets to keep your team from accidentally overstuffing the arrangements. We even have expense items built into the software so you have a truly perfect view of exactly how much you made on the event.


New Shop? Stemcounter is the Perfect Solution

A floral company is a wonderful adventure, but it can come with a lot of unnecessary headaches, valuable time lost, and minimal profits. Using Stemcounter when you're just getting established sets you up to stay organized with everything in one place, price for a profit, and create wonderful client experience from start to finish with quick, beautiful, and accurate proposals. And with beautiful and insanely quick proposals, Stemcounter helps you dramatically increased your booked clients, which are the lifeblood of a new business.

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